Hi-Crest Discipleship Pastor

We are currently looking for someone to provide spiritual leadership and growth to the adult population at Fellowship Hi-Crest by serving multiple ministry areas (Starting Point, Rooted, adult small groups, leadership training, workshops, men’s and women’s ministry, workshops, weddings and counseling, and worship services). Develop strong relationships to encourage others to live a life for Christ through gathered worship times and discipleship strategies for the congregation.

If you are interested, please fill out the job application and upload your resume.

Hi-Crest Discipleship Pastor job description

Guest Services Coordinator - Urish Campus

We are seeking a Guest Services Coordinator. This position will be responsible for coordinating our parking, greeting, usher, offering, and communion teams for all-church events and other events as needed. Hours: Part-Time / 20 per week. Weekends: 42 weekends per year. 

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If you have questions about this role, email Bill Horn at .