FBC Men is a network of men from diverse backgrounds and stages in life who are focused on becoming better men by following Jesus Christ.  We band together to affirm God’s gifting and calling and to cheer one another on as we positively impact and influence our homes, workplaces, church and world.

We become better men when together we encourage one another to…

  • Reject Passivity
  • Accept Responsibility
  • Lead Courageously
  • Expect God’s Reward
Men are giving up porn because of this...

Conquer Series | Thursdays, Feb. 7th to April 18th | 6:30 pm to 8:15 pm

Join 750,000 men in over 70 countries who are learning to live free of porn through the proven strategies and practical tools taught in the Conquer Series. Starting February 7th, LifeCare Groups will offer this ten action-packed weeks of Biblical teaching in a confidential, safe environment, to help men walk in freedom.

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